Iowa City Landfill No Longer Accepting Cardboard

As of January 2, 2018, cardboard will no longer be accepted in the Iowa City Landfill. Due to this change, Tenants may no longer place cardboard in the garbage dumpsters. A recycling dumpster has been placed on the north end of the Bon Aire office parking lot, closest to the bus stop. The recycling dumpster has a yellow lid to differentiate it from the garbage dumpsters.

Here is a list of things that can placed in the recycling dumpster:

Paper: Waxy packaging, Cardboard egg cartons, Cereal boxes, Envelopes (windows are OK), File folders, Greeting cards (no glitter or metallic designs), Junk mail, Magazines and catalogs, Newspapers, Office paper (staples are OK), Paper towel tubes, Telephone books, Soft cover and paperback books.

Metal: Clean aluminum foil, Aluminum pans/pie pans, Steel/aluminum cans.

Plastic: Plastics accepted: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, Plastic bottles and jars, Food containers and lids. Make sure all food containers and bottles are rinsed out before placing in recycling dumpster.

Cardboard: Breakdown and Flatten All Cardboard. NO pizza boxes or other food contaminated cardboard.

Not accepted: Plastic bags, Glass, Styrofoam, including foam egg cartons, Plastic wrap and film, Toys, Motor oil bottles, Clothing/shoes, Hardcover books, shredded paper, napkins, paper cups/ plates, wrapping paper, tissues, photographs.

Do not place recycling items that are bagged into the recycling dumpster. Only loose items are allowed.